Poster for upcoming Ceremony show in SLC.

I created the artwork for TIMF this year. I’m looking forward to another fun weekend on the island!

A brand new installment in my Star Cars series: a Tusken Raider and his Mitsubishi Raider. Buy Here!

Very limited poster sets available now!

It’s Thursday. Noon. If you’re Rust Cohle of True Detective fame, that means it’s time to get into a sixer of Old Milwaukee or Lone Star, nothin’ snooty. And nothing gets to interrupt that.

But don’t fret, here’s a handy step-by-step guide on how to make yourself some friends to keep you company while you ponder the finer points of time, the universe and your existence.

Hand screen-printed art print 
- Edition TBD 
- 18” x 24” 
- 100 lbs. White Cover Stock 
- 4 Colors


I’m printing up a limited edition run of my Sarah Slocum / Molotov’s inspired Glasshole design. Pre-order now and wear to your fav punk bar and flick off everyone ruining your city!


Bunch of new stuff available at right now!Posters

New patches available now here!

A few of my posters are being used as set dressing in the new HBO series “Looking.” I’m happy the characters all have such fine taste!

In the first episode, my Explosions in the Sky poster is hanging in Patrick’s room and a detail from a St. Vincent poster hangs on his kitchen wall. My “Love is like a bottle of gin” print is featured in Dom’s apartment.